Wedding Posing Guides

Picture Perfect Poses offers four Wedding Posing Guides encompassing Brides and bridesmaids, Grooms and Groomsmen, Wedding Parties, and Brides and Grooms. There are approximately 225 photos in all!

Bride and Bridesmaids – $79

Bride and Bridesmaids Volume 1The Bride and Bridesmaids Posing Guide features 77 poses with 1 to many bridesmaids in churches and outside. Some poses are fun and sassy while others more traditional.

Price: $79.00

Groom and Groomsmen – $59

Groom and Groomsmen Volume 1 Groom and Groomsmen Volume 1[/caption]The Groom and Groomsmen Posing Guide features 34 poses with 1 to many Groomsmen in churches and outside. Some poses are fun while others are more traditional.

Price: $59.00

Wedding Parties – $59

Wedding Party Posing Guide Volume 1The Wedding Parties Posing Guide features 39 poses with a mix of small and large wedding parties. Some of the poses are located in churches while others are outside. There are fun casual poses and more traditional poses.

Price: $59.00

Bride and Groom – $79

Bride and Groom Volume 1The Bride and Groom Posing Guide features 76 poses. There are church poses, outdoor poses that include bridges, fields, cityscape and more!

Price: $79.00

Get Them All – $274

Price: $274.00

Our goal is to give a wide variety of poses and backdrops for the poses. We have easy to follow write ups to accompany the photos.

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